Nrityaarpana Dance Academy

|aangaikam Bhuvanam Yasya Vaachikam Sarva Vaangmayam Aaharyam Chandra Thaaradhi Tham Vande Saathvikam Shivam|

Nrityaarpana Dance Academy based in West San Jose, CA was founded by Smt. Roopa Anand. Popular as one of the premier instituions in the bay area, Nrityaarpana has carved its niche in the dance circuit for the past 10 years. At Nrityaarpana, Roopa has worked extensively in training the younger generation, aiming to encourage and nurture the talent and interest in them towards this intricate art form, of Bharathanatya. Students are trained in depth in both theoritical and practical aspects of Bharathanatyam.

Students of Nrityaarpana have participated in over 120 dance performances conducted by various organizations in the bay area, and have won accolades. They have also participated in various competitions conducted by many bay area organizations, locally and at the National level and have won prizes consistently since 2010.

Nrityaarpana is proud to stage Solo debut Performances (Arangetrams) of many students since 2015 that have won critical acclaim.

In September 2016, Nrityaarpana was invited to present a group feature in the Naatya Urchavam series of Kalainigar TV which was telecasted all over Asia.